Thanks for support |

Thanks for support

Mike Olson
Jacks Valley


The election is over and it has been an interesting season of campaigning. The voters of Douglas County had a difficult decision to make but they made it. I have really appreciated the opportunity to represent the people of Douglas County as your commissioner for District 5. It truly has been a learning experience filled with great personal rewards.

I want to say thank you to so many people who supported me and worked with me to solve the problems that we faced. I have always said that this community attracts great people and I have had the honor of associating with so many of them. Thank you to those that believed in me and found ways to include me in the process. Thank you to those who provided me with opportunities to meet our community members. Those that worked hard and those that supported me monetarily. In these tough economic times I am sure they were difficult decisions to make and I thank you for making them.

I want to wish Barry Penzel and those that supported him congratulations. He is a good man and I am sure will do an admirable job. It is time for our community to come together and drop the decisiveness that impedes the success that our community deserves.

I moved to Douglas County because of the people. I have seen that Nevada spirit dwindle over the last few years and I think we need to re-focus on those things that help us standout. Let’s all do our parts to be Nevadans. It’s OK to wave to your neighbor, it’s OK to check on your neighbors and community members to make sure they are all right, it’s OK to hold a door open for someone and it’s OK to be friendly and treat others with the respect they deserve for being a member of our community. It’s also OK to volunteer in our community. There are many opportunities to make our community a better place to live let’s get involved and volunteer.

We have many issues that need continued attention, primarily our infrastructure. We will need a good solution to these issues so we can continue to build and support our economy. As a Board we have accomplished good things and it has been good to sit on such a productive Board with such good people on it. Mr. Penzel, this will be a good experience for you and I wish you the success that the people of our community desire.

I hope to continue to contribute to our wonderful community and hope the people of Douglas County will allow that. Thank you once again for the experiences I have enjoyed while being a Douglas County commissioner. I look forward to seeing you around the community.