Thanks for listening to a message of hope |

Thanks for listening to a message of hope

by Cheryl Bricker
Partnership for Community Resources

April 15, honoring Alcohol Awareness Month, Douglas County Students Taking On Prevention Partnership staff, adult volunteers, the tour guide and Legislators Senator Settelmeyer and Assemblyman Wheeler. The theme was “What A Difference A Law Makes”. Students focused on the previous legislation that has reduced DUI crashes across the state. They were provided a tour of the legislature, sat on the Senate and Assembly floors during session, met with Douglas County representatives, demonstrated our DUI Adult Peddle car and a Alcohol Answer Jeopardy game in the Assembly Lobby.

The month of April represents a new beginning: daffodils blooming; trees exploding with new life. The Partnership of Community Resources’ team dedicated April to celebrating life by spreading awareness about how lives can change instantly due to illegal alcohol and drug use by underage youth. Thank you to all of the volunteers that instilled the message to reduce alcohol fatalities in our community. Fifty-one citizens heard Sheriff Ron Pierini, student Isabella Lundberg and Deputy Nadine Chrzanowski talk about serving and selling alcohol to minors during server training at the Carson Valley Inn.

Carson Valley Little League and Carson Valley Girls Softball players pledged to play drug free with help from Joey McNinch and Debbie Jacobsen. Thirty-two Students Taking On Prevention and five volunteer chaperones Tracy Gross, Eva Lundberg, Marlo Flanders, Kris Robison and Lea Morgan spent April 15 at the Nevada Legislature, visiting the Assembly and Senate floors during session, participating in a question and answer session with Sen. James Settelmeyer and Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, touring the Legislative Building, and sharing the message “What a Difference a Law Makes” with an adult size peddle car and a Jeopardy game featuring alcohol answers. Legislative staff Robin Bates, Heidi Christeson, Sylvia Brown, Jim Feser, Mary Matheus and tour guide Ronald Roberts assisted with planning and implementing our successful day. Christine Adams arranged for the Northern Nevada DUI Task force crash car (encased in a semi truck accompanied by the crash story) to be towed to Douglas High by Nevada Highway patrol trooper Chuck Allen. Speaker Natalie Marti traveled from Idaho to share her tragic story of the drunk driver that changed her life forever during two seamless assemblies where silence, sympathy and tears reigned, orchestrated by Douglas High principal Marty Swisher and counselor Kris Robison. Our activities culminated with our “Teen Parties Exposed” event where parents observed what can happen when a teen party gets out of control. Volunteers lending reality to the party included: Student actors representing Douglas County Explorers, Y.I.E.L.D. facilitated by Hannah McDonald from Partnership Carson City and Partnership S.T.O.P. members. Deputy Teresa Duffy and reserve officers Blaine Spires and Brian Parks demonstrated a party dispersal. East Fork Fire and Paramedics Chad Sheldrew, Walt Kesteloot and Jonathan Plumer underscored the serious issue of alcohol poisoning and other drug related health issues. Robbie Robison and Marlo Flanders played parents seemingly “unaware” of the party at their own home. Outside, volunteer Tracy Gross offered visitors goggles simulating .08 BAC (blood alcohol content), requesting they navigate a course driving our adult sized peddle car. After viewing the simulated party, parents walked next door to Walton’s Funeral Home (staffed by Robert Torres) for refreshments and a question and answer session with panelists Douglas High counselor Kris Robison and Douglas County Juvenile Probation Deputy Chief Vicky Sauer-Lamb. Lastly, thanks to parents attending our events, and The Record-Courier staff members Caryn Haller and Shannon Litz for covering an unprecedented number of events in a short period of time. Now, for a few hours, the Partnership team will “stop and smell the roses.”

Written by Partnership Executive Director Cheryl Bricker on behalf of Curt Drumm, Linda Gilkerson, and Neyzer Torres