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Thanks for leadership

Alicia Main


Since the mid-90s, Leadership Douglas County has been introducing its participants to major facets of the Carson Valley through an 11-month program. Founded by the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Douglas County provides students with enrichment opportunities to enhance their community knowledge.

Throughout the program, students receive a behind-the-scenes view of the region as well as giving them access to the top business, civic and community leaders who play integral roles in their community. Days are built around topic areas like public safety, education, social services, the environment and economic development -to name a few. Those days are made up of educational sessions, tours and candid conversations with community leaders.

The LDC class is also required to complete a class project, a key part of the LDC experience. Participants work with fellow classmates to implement a project benefiting the Carson Valley and the LDC process provides participants with the guidance and tools to turn concepts into a workable project. The project process culminates the LDC experience, utilizing ideas generated during class sessions to create a community enhancing project.

This year-long program will challenge members to see their community as they never have before. Whether you have lived in Douglas County for a short time or all of your life, Leadership Douglas County will help you discover how things get done in the community and how motivated citizens can get involved. I appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to benefit from the program and would encourage anyone who wants to take a more active role in the community to look seriously at joining the next LDC Class in January.