Thanks for help |

Thanks for help

Linda Reid, secretary
Garden Cemetery Association


The Garden Cemetery Work Day was very successful. Tom Dalliare and Mike of the Town of Gardnerville made available men and equipment for moving dirt to all needed areas. This helped make the 12 or so volunteer’s jobs so much easier. Workers arrived at various times and all worked until just before noon. Fifteen to 20 graves were repaired. It was very rewarding to all work together to bring the cemetery back to the historic nice looking area that it is.

The few remaining damaged graves will be repaired in the next few weeks. The Cemetery Board thanks all owners who have taken the responsibility of these repairs.

Thanks to Linda Slater for getting the Town of Gardnerville involved and to Kurt Hildebrand of The Record-Courier for the article that brought out the volunteers. This is indeed a wonderful community in which to live.