Thanks for hanging around |

Thanks for hanging around

We believe the chance of a severe storm is directly proportional to the inconvenience it will cause the most people.

So that’s why we figure this one will be a doozy.

With gas prices right around $2 a gallon, motoring to grandma’s house hasn’t been this cheap in a long time.

But we wouldn’t advise packing the family up today and scooting over the Sierra for turkey. The weather outside might actually rise to the level of “frightful.”

We think it would be a good idea to stick around the Valley and bask in the warmth of friends and family right here for what promises to be some very chilly nights.

Which brings us to another good reason to stick close to home this holiday week.

The big box stores are encroaching more and more on our tryptophan induced naps, trying to drive us out into the snow and cold to buy a big screen TV or some other inanity.

We say don’t let them.

There’s another month until Christmas, and plenty of time to shop.

Better still, visit the local shops on Friday and Saturday, meet or make friends.

Every dollar you spend with people who live and contribute to our community, adds to our economy in a variety of ways.

It means donations for Pop Warner to travel to games. It means support for the variety of good works Carson Valley is famous for, including Project Santa Claus.

Instead of going elsewhere for the holidays, bring the holidays home and keep them well.