Thanks for coming, Maverik |

Thanks for coming, Maverik


Thank you, Maverik, Inc. Since its opening several months ago, drivers of the Highway 395 corridor from Carson City to Gardnerville at last are seeing a phenomenon denied Douglas County residents for over 15 years: Lower prices for gasoline.

We should have had a price advantage since Carson City approved adding a nickel tax for roads in May 1997. Douglas County voters and commissioners have refused to approve the State of Nevada’s legislatively allowable additional tax here. Since then, the ARCO stations in Minden and Gardnerville seldom were more than 1 or 2 cents cheaper than at ARCO, Costco, or “independent” stations in Carson City.

Now, the Minden and Gardnerville Arco/AM-PM and Maverik stations routinely are 5 to 11 cents cheaper than Carson City’s lowest price stations. It took Maverik’s arrival to influence this change.

And one more bonus. You can use major credit cards at Maverik, with no additional per gallon cost nor fee added to your purchase. Enjoy the ride.

William Hamilton