Thanks for baskets |

Thanks for baskets


Main Street Gardnerville would like to thank everyone who participated in the Flower Basket and Adopt-A-Pot programs this year.

Students from Douglas High School and Smith Valley schools have been involved in the growing of these baskets as part of their floriculture classes.

Volunteers with Plant It Nursery in Gardnerville have helped nurture the many pots and baskets that lined the district corridor.

With the community’s support, these flowers helped to bring a special touch of charm to our downtown district. 

Volunteers with the Main Street Gardnerville Design and Gardeners of Gardnerville Committees awarded special certificates of appreciation to the FFA/floriculture students of Smith Valley schools and their instructor Andy Miller, and of Douglas High School and their instructor Allyson Lammiman.

A certificate of appreciation was also awarded to Heather and Kris Kahabka with Plant It Nursery, in recognition of their valuable contributions to the Main Street Gardnerville 2009 Flower Programs.

Main Street Gardnerville’s Gardeners of Gardnerville Committee has plans to increase the flowers next year. With the community’s continued support, we’ll have downtown Gardnerville in bloom once again.

If you would like to volunteer to be a part of the Gardeners of Gardnerville, please contact Main Street Gardnerville at 782-8027 for more information.

Paula Lochridge

Main Street Gardnerville program manager