Thanks, Diane |

Thanks, Diane

Linda Cline, Minden

On Dec. 31, 1999, we mailed a rather large box from the Phoenix post office to our son’s office in New York City. This box contained every Christmas gift he had received from family and friends and just about every piece of clothing he owned. Since he was off to Thailand for vacation, we offered to ship it on to him so it would be there when he returned. We were told it would take about five days before it reached there.

After 3-1/2 weeks, the box was never received and presumed lost. With no help from any of the phone number we called, and a fair amount of rudeness, I finally just assumed the box was lost.

Diane Ellis, our local carrier, came into my office for her pickup and delivery. I told her of my problem, she made one call to New York, and the package showed up the next day at our son’s office.

Without her help, the package would have ended up in the dead letter area and we would have probably never seen it again.

Thanks, Diane.