Thankful for frontline workers |

Thankful for frontline workers

R-C Editorial Board

On Tuesday evening, Douglas County went from 39 active cases of coronavirus to 303 in a shocking turn.

The new number reflects the number of positive results in the county and reflects a sevenfold increase in one day.

According to Carson City Health and Human Services there have been 1,160 new cases in Douglas, Carson, Lyon and Storey residents since Nov. 16, bringing the total number of active cases to 1,901.

The increase has stretched contact tracing in the four counties to the limit, with positive cases not being contacted before being included on the list.

According to the public health service, cases were previously not reported until they’d completed an investigation, but starting Tuesday, positive labs are being reported as active. That means residents with the virus are being notified of their test result before contact tracing is conducted.

This week the Douglas County School District reported 13 cases associated with Douglas High, Carson Valley and Pau-Wa-Lu middle schools, Piñon Hills, Meneley, Minden and Jacks Valley.

Earlier on Tuesday, Douglas County residents lined up across Waterloo and into the Lampe Park parking lot in their cars to participate in a coronavirus test and maybe get a flu shot.

Testing has been the one bright spot in Douglas County’s struggle with the coronavirus, and we’re thankful that so many of our residents are participating.

That’s the thing with this contagion, it doesn’t appear to be a threat until it is, and we would say that Nov. 24, 2020, is as good a date to recognize that threat as any.

We know that people are exhausted by the coronavirus’ constant drumbeat. Imagine what it’s like to be on the front lines, working every day with a heightened chance of catching the virus. Carson-Tahoe Regional Medical Center reported it’s at 90 percent capacity.

Our front-line emergency services workers are the ones who deserve our thanks, and not just today, but every day.

Good luck, to all of us.