Thank you Rotary Club of Minden |

Thank you Rotary Club of Minden


From the bottom of our hearts, we from Between Horses and Humans want to thank the Rotary Club of Minden for bestowing upon us a substantial contribution of a $1000. I didn’t know much about the Rotary of Minden until I was asked several months ago to make a presentation to them about our program. I am amazed and appreciative for all they do in our community. What a wonderful and warm hearted group of people, who run the club with a real sense of professionalism and organization. Some of us attended their fund raiser March 9 at the Carson Valley Inn. What an affair. I look forward to attending it again next year. It feels good to support a group that is concerned about the health and well-being of the children in our community and demonstrates it through their generous donations.

Between Horses and Horses is a local nonprofit that partners able-bodied children with personal issues and horses. It is a “leadership through horsemanship” program.

The skills being taught during our functions are a way for the children to understand and develop leadership and communication skills, trust and patience, decision-making skills, to learn about being at choice, and how to move beyond anger, timidity, and fear. The skills they learn help them with life’s challenges and questions, develop positive attitudes in them and help them embrace life with more confidence.

Children, who have no power over their lives or what’s happening around them, get the sense of empowerment by learning how to direct and control a huge horse. Directing a horse builds their self-esteem and fills them with a sense of accomplishment.

The magic and love of horses help children move into a state of calmness and ease from which they can deal with life; giving them a chance to go on towards a better future filled with hope.

Barbara Slade