Thank God for giving us Christmas |

Thank God for giving us Christmas

Record Courier Staff Reports

Everywhere you look these days you’re being told what Christmas is. Stores are telling you that Christmas is all about decorations and merchandise, buying this thing and that thing. You have probably found yourself saying “I hope I get this for Christmas” or “I’m going to buy that for Christmas.” As we all have observed, Christmas can very easily become all about material things. Politicians are fighting about if and where the Christmas tree can be placed, and if it can have the manger scene under it or not on government property. Businesses give those coveted Christmas bonuses. Family members schedule the annual get-together and companies put on the big “Xmas party,” thoughtlessly “Xing” out the name of Christ. Man, what’s up with that? With all of this going on, is it any wonder that we can get pretty distracted and, sometimes completely lose, altogether, what Christmas is and isn’t about?

Is there anything really wrong with presents, parties and decorations? Of course not. These can all be part of a healthy fun holiday season.

But, with that said, we must purpose ourselves to understand and commit to the true knowledge of what Christmas really is. And what is that? The Bible tells us of the Christmas “event.”

The historical event of God, coming to earth, beginning a journey as a baby, and following that journey to its finish, becoming the Savior of all mankind – what an amazing event it really is. Just think of it. The Lord God Himself, Jesus Christ, transcends time and space, enters His own creation, and becomes God incarnate. Wow. The heavenly host of angels sang and rejoiced at this cataclysmic event in the timeline of history. Rejoicing in the proclamation of God’s plan of salvation, salvation for you and me, eternal life, that God offers as a gift, the true Christmas gift. Wow again!

I would ask you to pause some time during this busy Christmas holiday season, surrounded by your friends and loved ones, and reflect on what Christmas truly is. And sincerely, with all your heart, thank and worship God, for giving us Christmas.

Adam Barkley is pastor at the First Baptist Church.