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Teens work to educate on dangers of tobacco

by Melinda Matus

The Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School Teens Against Tobacco Use club did presentations for all of the Scarselli and Meneley elementary school fourth grade classes on Dec. 2.

The group of seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade students from Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School used a Mr. Butts vs. Mr. Brains opening skit to give the young audience facts about the hazards of ever starting the deadly habit of tobacco.

The skit provided a light comedic effect to warn the audience that they can become addicted very quickly as their lungs are still growing and maturing and to start smoking would jeopardize their future health and welfare. Statistics prove 80 percent of smokers actually start smoking before they are legally of age to buy cigarettes.

The Pau-Wa-Lu presenters allowed the audience to view a jar filled with one quart of tar which is the amount of tar that the human lung absorbs from a one-pack-a-day smoker in just one year. The students also shared an audio presentation of BBs being poured into a tin bucket illustrating the 440,000 Americans that die every year from tobacco-related illnesses.

The toll that tobacco takes on America would be equivalent to four jumbo jets, fully loaded, crashing each and every day with no survivors.

The TATU presenters also let the audience know that the majority of teens do not smoke. Here in Nevada only 19.6 percent of high school students smoke. The message that this fine group of students worked to share with their young, impressionable audience is to just say no; if they never try tobacco they will never become a slave to the addiction.

Call the Partnership of Community Resources if you would like to schedule a presentation for your students at 782-8611.