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Take the oppportunity to talk with your family

Cassandra Jones is an elder law and family law attorney in Gardnerville. She can be reached at 782-0040.

Holidays are often the only time of the year that the entire family comes together. It may be one of the few times that you can speak to all, or a majority, of your children and loved ones about your goals, dreams, and end-of-life plans. While you may want to shy away from such uncomfortable discussions, being clear and direct with your family can be a real blessing to them.

First, discuss your goals with your family. What do you want to do as you age? Be candid about your “bucket list.” By discussing your goals, you create a stronger family bond. Additionally, what you may find, is that your family wants to help you achieve those goals.

Second, discuss your dreams. Discuss with your family what your dream is for them. What do you want them to achieve? What does your heart long for them to do or have? By sharing your dreams, you are able to show them how deeply you care for them.

Finally, discuss your end-of-life plans. Your goals and dreams are the very foundation of your end-of-life plans. When you talk about aging, disability or illness, and death, it is your goals and dreams that should provide the framework to your family about what you want. Do not just talk about who gets what property when you die. Be sure to discuss how you want your family to respond if you are incapacitated: where should you live, who should take care of your finances, and who should help you with your medical care? After all, your quality of life is as important (if not more so) than what happens to your stuff.

Now is the time to tackle these difficult discussions. Do not wait until “it’s closer.” You never know how close, close is. Your family will appreciate the love you have shown them by providing them guidance.