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Supporting Olson


I have serious concerns with the philosophy I’ve heard expressed at public forums by Barry Penzel. He wants commissioners to be elected by districts instead of countywide. The problem with that is we would end up with separate kingdoms for each commission district. Each commissioner would only have to represent the people in their individual district and keep enough of those individuals happy to get re-elected. That’s change we don’t need. Let’s keep the commissioners elected by voters countywide.

I am supporting Mike Olson because I think he has done a good job representing the many needs and interests of all Douglas County. I don’t expect anyone to be perfect or always vote as I think I would. In fact, one of my favorite sayings is that I’ve never met a man with whom I agreed on everything. Just ask my husband.

Please join me in voting for Mike Olson for commissioner. Thank you for your time.

Nancy Clapp