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Supporting Johnson


I urge you to support and re-elect Doug Johnson for County Commissioner. Doug faces challenger Frank Godecke, a planning commissioner appointed in January 2011.

Looking back to January 2011, the process by which Mr. Godecke and two other new planning commissioners’ applicants (including Don Miner) were appointed by a majority of county commissioners was suspect. Three good planning commissioners seeking re-appointment were surprisingly expelled in an instantaneous flash at this meeting of county commissioners. Commissioner Johnson was the only one who voted against this wholesale action. This shameful incident was later investigated by the Nevada Attorney General’s office to no effect. I was there and it was shocking to watch.

While I know of no discernible evidence that Mr. Godecke was complicit in his appointment to the Planning Commission, it did provide him with a tainted platform on which to now run for a County Commissioner seat in this election. Not surprisingly, his latest Campaign Contributions and Expense Report filed with the Secretary of State’s Office shows that a significant part of his contributions came directly or indirectly from a special interest organization known as the Edgewood Companies. About four years ago, Edgewood’s subsidiary or affiliate, Park Cattle Co., proposed to build 4500 homes in Carson Valley. That project was defeated; but look for it to be resurrected in some form and presented before the county commissioners as to which Mr. Godecke now seeks to be a part.

In politics, special interest contributions relates to persons who, behind the special interest organization, have more access and influence with the office holder than the average individual. In the history of our Republic, special interest contributions have had, at times, a corrupting influence on the direction the government takes – whether on local, state or national matters.

Doug Johnson, in his eight years of service as a county commissioner, is a known quantity. His accomplishments are set forth in his website: He has built a reputation of transparency, trust and fairness in serving the people of Douglas County over this time span of almost eight years and deserves your confidence that he will continue to do so during the next four years. Please allow him to continue his good work by your vote.

John H Garvin