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Support Question 1


We are 20-year residents of Douglas County. We both learned to fly at the Minden airport, fulfilling the dreams of flying that we had since we were young children. We fly single-engine aircraft and gliders. Our small airplane is based at Minden. Flying is not only for the rich; our used airplane cost less to purchase than our Subaru did. We are also members of the Civil Air Patrol, performing search and rescue missions and working with local teens in the cadet program. We support county ballot Question No. 1, the airport question. Even before we learned to fly, we viewed the local airport as a valuable asset to the community. If Question No. 1 does not pass, the county will continue to lose out on nearly one million dollars per year of federal funds for airport maintenance. Passage of Question No. 1 will allow the county to receive the federal funds needed to maintain the airport as a rural community airport that serves general aviation aircraft, including gliders.

Elizabeth and Stewart Tattersall