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Support free market conservatives


If you’ve been sitting out major party politics because you’re disgusted with what’s going on in Washington, D.C., you may want to consider getting back into the game.

The Record-Courier’s Sept. 29 report from the Critical Business Conference was big news for Douglas County’s economy. Chris Bently plans a major remodel and facelift of his family’s downtown property and is actively working to bring the V&T Railroad to Minden.

According to County Manager Steve Mokrohisky, “The railroad would be a game changer.”

Douglas County has been staggering under the faux recovery of the last five years by circumstances beyond its control. County employees have suffered pay cuts and layoffs, some services have been trimmed, and there’s a scramble to pay for needed infrastructure maintenance.

The stagnant economy, including a string of small business failures that have kept our unemployment rate around 10 percent, have made tax increases on a hurting populace politically hazardous.

But now there’s the prospect of economic growth the old-fashioned way, via free market capitalism.

“The county is counting on Bently’s extensive plans [to] be part of a catalyst,” says the R-C article. This is part of the county’s long-term plan, “ … to grow the economy by attracting new businesses, tourists, and retirees.”

I don’t know Mr. Bently’s politics or why he decided to bet so heavily on Douglas County’s future, but I credit our local and state elected officials for creating an attractive business environment.

Just as Nevada is more accommodating to free market entrepreneurs than California, Douglas County has kept taxes, fees, and borrowing low compared to other counties and avoided regulatory abuse. But it wasn’t by accident.

County commissioner Barry Penzel, for example, defeated a less financially adroit opponent in the Republican primary and has been a champion of fiscal discipline and priority-based budgeting.

Sen. James Settelmeyer and Assemblyman Jim Wheeler won their seats by first winning in Republican primaries.

Wheeler, in particular, defeated a tax-raising Republican-in-name-only and has kept his campaign promises.

These two have fought vigorously for lower taxes, less regulation, and defended our gun rights.

Despite the recent letter full of Bolshie blather posing as macroeconomics, voters interested in real world prosperity should support free market conservatives who have a chance to govern.

Despite what you may think, state and local officials have a much bigger impact on your life than anyone in DC.

The future of good governance will be won or lost in Republican primary elections.

Lynn Muzzy