Support council hopes to give families a ‘Story Book’ Christmas |

Support council hopes to give families a ‘Story Book’ Christmas

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The Family Support Council, in response to residents and businesses wanting to help families in need through the holidays, have come up with a project they have called Holiday Story Book. This project will focus on the basic needs of families and seniors such as gas vouchers, grocery store vouchers, utility assistance and car repair.

Throughout the year, many families need help in these areas, specifically in the case of domestic violence victims who may leave their home with very little or nothing at all. Many do not have a vehicle or they have a vehicle that barely runs, which makes it difficult to find a job, or take children to school or to the doctor or counselor. This year, there is a “Story Book” at the Family Support Council’s front desk that tells the story of many local families who can be helped through the purchase of gift certificates for the basic needs of their family members. The support council hopes to offer each family a gift basket full of gift cards and vouchers to help with these basic needs, but also with some fun items such as dinner certificates, movie passes, swim center passes – things the family can do together during the holidays.

Most of these are activities that these families can never afford, but would love to be able to do with their children during the holidays.

If you or your business would like to sponsor a gift basket, or just a few items in a gift basket,contact the Family Support Council, 1255 Waterloo Lane, Gardnerville, Web site or call 782-8692 to learn more about the Story Book Giving Project this season.