Suicide Prevention Network has done amazing work |

Suicide Prevention Network has done amazing work

by Heather Clanton

I am writing in response to Mr. Zigenis’ letter regarding his gratitude to Debbie Posnien and The Suicide Prevention Network of Douglas County for which she is the executive director. I just have to reiterate his very appreciative and poignant words of this invaluable organization. I lost my little brother to suicide in March of this year and had it not been for Debbie and her program I do not know where I would have turned. Debbie is an amazing, compassionate and tireless angel for all of us that have been touched or I should say bulldozed by this horrible and inexplicable tragedy.

I called her within days of my brother’s death because I did not know what to do with my scattered and shattered emotions. She spoke to me at length on the phone and just let me cry and comforted me and then met me at her office the next day. She told me about her support group and I started going immediately and have been going ever since. My healing process has come so far in the seven months that I have been a part of this wonderful group of people. Other members of my family have struggled due to lack of this kind of service available where they live or they just chose not to seek outside help and there is a marked difference in where they are compared to me in coping with our loss. I have learned so much from Debbie and the others members that when the new people come in I now feel that I have something to offer them. No one else can ever understand what you are going through except someone who has been through it themselves.

I could never emphasize strongly enough how important to our community this organization is. Debbie offers many diverse services for the families, as Mr. Zigenis stated, but the most important aspect to her agenda is awareness and prevention.

She has many different programs in the middle and high schools that the kids help manage themselves. It is absolutely the most amazing thing to see these young people take on this very weighty subject and do it with utmost maturity. The suicides amongst our youth have gone down so significantly in the last two years since Debbie became the director that it is truly miraculous.

Debbie Posnien and the SPN of Douglas County is incomparable in terms of its merit to Douglas County and for anyone out there looking for a great cause to support, this is the one.

Thank you Debbie for your endless and sincere compassion. Also, thank you Dylan for writing the first letter. This lady and her benevolent work deserve the recognition.

Heather Clanton is a Gardnerville resident.