Students perform ‘Epic Fail’ |

Students perform ‘Epic Fail’

by Caryn Haller

In an effort to raise money to compete at the Northern Nevada Theatre Festival in two weeks, Douglas High School thespians are giving the community a sneak peak at their latest productions.

Two student-directed, one-act plays, “Epic Fail” and “Text This,” premiere Friday and Saturday in the high school drama room.

Directed by Michael Demaree, 16, “Epic Fail” pokes fun at the many typical pressures teenagers face.

“I chose to direct Epic Fail because it’s a little more lighthearted than a drama, and still gets the message across about what highschoolers go through,” Michael said. “I want the audience to go away with more understanding about a highschoolers life because I feel adults sometimes forget what it’s like to be a teenager.”

“Text This” highlights the impact of cyberbullying to both the victims and the perpetrators. It is directed by 17-year-old Marcus Cotton.

Both productions will be part of the Northern Nevada Theatre Festival the following weekend in Reno.

Michael is confident they will impress the judges.

“I have a lot of confidence in my cast. We’ll be 110 percent prepared for regionals,” he said. “I’m hoping the judges take away that Douglas High School thespians are some of the best in the region.”