Students help during holidays |

Students help during holidays

by Trent Carruthers

The noisy multi-purpose room at Minden Elementary School was crowded recently with students, staff and teachers as well as with many cans, bags and boxes of food.

The students, who were sitting in small groups surrounding the large piles of food, kept busy building and decorating gift food baskets for needy families in the area.

The students had taken part in a two-week food drive to gather non-perishable items prior to placing them in fancy cellophane wrapped plastic gift baskets.

More than 40 hefty baskets were constructed by students of all grades.

They then carefully placed cans of fruit, dessert, vegetables and soup inside each basket. Once the baskets were filled, a pretty yellow bow was used to tie the clear wrapper and secure the items in place.

Each basket also contained a card that read: “This gift box was created and donated by the children, parents and staff of Minden Elementary School. Enjoy the season.”

Each card was signed by students who worked on that basket.

The baskets were then taken to the Carson Valley Food Closet.

“It feels good and is fun to be helpful,” said fifth-grader Cody Clements, who placed a can of soup inside his group’s basket.

Kindergartner Emma Sperry dropped a can of Mandarin oranges into her group’s basket.

“It’s good to help hungry people,” said the energetic 5 year old.

Principal Ken Stoll told the students that their efforts, which earned them extra recess time, was part of being “a good citizen and having a positive impact in the community.”

Counselor Mary Garcia coordinated the event.

“It is important for kids to help others less fortunate in our community,” said Garcia, noting that each of the school’s 400 students contributed to the food drive.

“It is a valuable lesson for them to learn.”

Garcia and the students around her who helped fill the basket look forward to building more food baskets next year.