Students gain experience with FFA projects |

Students gain experience with FFA projects

by Daisy Cueva
Special to The R-C
Published Caption: Jim Grant

On Jan. 10 the Carson Valley FFA determined the SAEs of the Month for January. An SAE is a Supervised Agricultural Experience that helps young adults learn about responsibilities and life skills. The nominees for the January SAEs of the month were Austin Beaty, Jessica Martin, Branden Harris, and Courtney Kratz. These individuals showed unique and various projects and many hours of dedication that were recorded.

Austin is a second year student and a junior, whose SAE is named vision agriculture. His projects consist of horse boarding, poultry related; meats and eggs, raising turkeys, cold frames, greenhouses, plant related; growing herbs, vegetables, hops and berries, seed collection; yearly collections, basic aquaponics, composting, and worm bins which are organic.

“It was something my family started and I thought it would be a good idea to continue and learn the trades, Austin said of why he chose his projects.”

He also spoke about his family’s history on their ranch and the pride he had in continuing such tasks.

“I’ve learned so much from this experience, skills that I wouldn’t have learned until later in my life,” Austin said. “I’ve learned many life skills from finances, customer service, responsibility, time management and many others.”

The second winner of the 2013 SAE of the Month for January is Jessica Martin who is a third year student, the Carson Valley FFA current president, and a senior. Jessica’s SAE projects are a poultry project; laying chickens, DHS equine, equine internship at Maddy’s Friesian Ranch, and veterinary medicine internship at Quail Ridge Animal Hospital.

“The reason I chose these projects was because it related to the career field I wanted to go into and prepared me for the level of experience I need,” Jessica said. “These internships might even turn into a job opportunity because of everything I have done with them and the experience the FFA has given me.”

Jessica has learned from her projects and might even be given the opportunity to get the perfect job in the field of choice.

The Carson Valley FFA would like to congratulate the winners of the 2013 January SAEs of the month, and show great pride of the young adults apart of the Carson Valley FFA chapter.

Daisy Cueva is the Carson Valley FFA Reporter.