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Stop sending survey

Editor’s Note: This letter was sent to the U.S. Census Bureau office.


The purpose of this correspondence is to politely ask your office to stop sending survey requests, and to please stop calling my home. I am informed now, by your office that the next step in your process is to send survey workers to my home.

I find your survey to be an extreme invasion of my privacy. The degree of sensitive personal information required by this 28 page survey, coupled with your very thin legal justification for canvasing Americans makes me very uncomfortable. Let me please outline the reasons that I do not feel that I, or any American should have to fill out this survey.

The law or statute that you state as your legal justification for forcing me to fill out this survey is 13USC101, allow me to quote:

“Defective, dependent, and delinquent classes; crime:

(a) The Secretary may collect decennially statistics relating

(1) to the defective, dependent, and delinquent classes; and

(2) to crime, including judicial statistics pertaining thereto.”

Your department is essentially giving me an invasive questionnaire, telling me that under this statute I am required to comply, but I do not fall under the heading: defective, dependent, or delinquent class, nor have I committed a crime.

The second issue that I have with your survey is that according to website https//, quoting the GAO, you received questions for your survey from other government departments, including but not limited to the DOJ, HHS, and Homeland Security. These agencies are not allowed under law to canvas the American public. The fact that you are canvasing for them does not make the situation any more legal.

Even Sen. Ron Paul on March 8, 2010, while speaking of this intrusive questionnaire, stated that Americans should be able to simply respond “none of your business.”

My third, and last point, is that I have contacted my representatives Sen. Dean Heller and Rep. Mark Amodi. I received a response from Sen. Heller who indicated to me that I would be interested to learn that Sen. Rand Paul has introduced legislation S.530, which would make participation in this intrusive survey voluntary. Under this new legislation respondents would still have to provide name, contact information, date of response, and the number of people living or staying at the address.

Today is April 4, 2014, my residence is located at 411 Corie Court, and currently four people are living at that address.

Edward Gray DMD, MD