Stop chasing off our eateries |

Stop chasing off our eateries


I want to commend you on the great article on Cafe del Sol; our new area cafe. While my husband and I didn’t get in to try it out right away we finally did make the stop that showed us a very nice cafe with some really good food. Best of all are the owners; Tina and Danny are such a nice and friendly couple – we feel like old friends already. So far I’ve yet to complete a meal so always have enough for another lunch. Really great to have new eating places in the Johnson Lane area. My daughter and her co-workers eat there as well as its near her work place.

I would like to add that we’re very happy to note that the commissioners have allowed Danny to park his Chevy truck on Johnson Lane to let people know where the cafe is. This is a big change from a few years when they chased away a tremendous bakery in the business area. Being off the main road the only way to let people know where a small eatery is located is via a sandwich board. Every time some busy body commissioner saw the sign the owner got fined exorbitantly and he was refused to be able to pay for a sign to be used. This was just plain wrong and chased away our only local bakery; we always stopped there for a sweet goody to snack on for our trips to California as well as offer some really yummy food to our house guests. Now no bakery which is very sad – Utah gained while we lost. Now I’m concerned that the new Flight Restaurant on Airport Road will do well after the previous owners of the facility were not allowed to put up a better and more visible sign. This is especially wrong when one only has to travel down 395 though Minden and Gardnerville to see sandwich boards advertising pretty much everything and they’re not even professional looking.

Judy DeRyke