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April 30 Letters to the editor

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A rappin’ RDA letter


Property tax is what funds all in Douglas, But none in RDA2 is for us.

Did three Commissioners vote for RDA2?

Would that mean the three could care less about you?

Can property tax increases from RDA2

Not now be used for 30 long years for me and you

For sheriffs, fire, roads, medical, even schools?

Do three Commissioners play us for fools?

They take our taxes for an event center.

Does strong citizen opposition not matter

To any of the three: Walsh, Penzel and Rice?

Is their first response to critics cold as ice?

Hard Rock and other businesses at Tahoe

Love free RDA2 taxpayer dollars.

When they talk, they are, of course, treated very nice

by three Commissioners: Walsh, Penzel and Rice.

Are they adding to George Soros’ billions from taxpayer funds in the millions?

Did RDA2 begin in 2015?

Is it now more of a nightmare than a dream?

Are $5,000 each from Edgewood and STAR Resorts displayed on Wes Rice’s C&E Reports?

Are not these significant contributions?

Should he ignore the recuse solution?

Have you heard how long RDA2 will last?

It won’t expire until 26 more years have past.

Nelson and Engels tried to represent you

With urgent requests to dissolve RDA2.

Are Walsh, Penzel and Rice for special interests:

Ceasar’s, George Soros, Tahoe businesses?

Is input from citizens last on their list when their bad decisions we dare to resist?

Do now the three plan an end run around the new referendum?

Is a $34 million bond their tool against the Douglas citizens they can’t fool?

Is that now how low they will go for special interests they know?

Can possible corruption

Be a likely deduction?

Is there no limit to what they will do for Tahoe and Stateline interests too?

Will an event center ad valorem tax soon assault people’s property to the max?

Won’t Walsh, Tolbert and Tarkanian be just more of Walsh, Penzel and Rice the casinos adore?

Shouldn’t Nelson, Nowosad and Gardner be our selection during the June Republican primary election?

Roger Adam


Supporting Tarkanian over Nelson


This year’s county commission primary race between Danny Tarkanian and Dave Nelson draws some interesting comparisons. For instance, Nelson claims to be a Republican but has a record of voting against projects critical to the health and economic vitality of Douglas County. Tarkanian on the other hand will support issues critical to the economic health and vitality of Douglas County and its citizens. Nelson stood against the building of the Douglas County Community Center; Tarkanian lauds it as one of Douglas County’s greatest recent achievements to support the health and wellness of its citizens.

In response to overwhelming favor the new Community and Senior Center has found with the public, Nelson publicly responded by comparing the construction of the center to rape, stating in a 2016 debate that “even good can come from rape.” This statement then and now is deplorable. Why not be gracious Mr. Nelson, and just admit that you were wrong to oppose the Community and Senior Center. Further, just as you were wrong to oppose the Community and Senior Center before it was built, you are wrong now for opposing the Tahoe South Events Center.

On the other hand, Tarkanian understands that the Tahoe South Events Center is vital to preserving a dwindling tax base in the Tahoe Township that has been shrinking over the last two decades as Tahoe is no longer the gaming destination it once was. Tarkanian understands that the incremental property taxes generated by the Edgewood Lodge and the Tahoe Beach Club are needed to support the financing of a community venue capable of hosting year-round entertainment and sporting events. The Events Center will renew the Tahoe Township (Stateline) as a viable tourism destination into the future and protect a tax base that has historically and will continue (thanks to the Events Center) to be a significant source of tax revenue benefiting the WHOLE of Douglas County. Approximately 40% of Douglas County’s tax revenues are generated in the Tahoe Township and 60% of those revenues flow down to the Carson Valley. Tarkanian understands that this critical tax base must be re-invested in for its own preservation and enhancement.

Unlike Nelson’s Community Center comparison would suggest of himself, Tarkanian is a values-based family man. The Tarkanians came hear for many of the same reasons many of us have, in large measure, a beautiful valley with conservative values in which to raise our families. While Danny Tarkanian did not move to Douglas County to run for office; when neighbors, fellow citizens and local business leaders came knocking, Danny Tarkanian accepted the call to action. Danny is in the race for Commissioner in order to preserve Douglas County as economically viable for business, to preserve and enhance our tax base and to ensure Douglas County remains a good place to raise families.

Please join men in supporting Danny Tarkanian for Douglas County Commissioner in the Republican mail-in primary.

Brandon Hill


Letters contribute to voting decision


It was a delight and very educational to read Thursday’s letters to the editor. They helped me decide which candidates I wanted to vote for as well as informed me more about the proposed events center OK’d by our present Commission.

There are many points to this argument against this plan: the increased traffic, the taxpayers’ burden for a structure that has questionable value to the entire community, etc. I’d like to bring up one point that I don’t think anyone has considered yet. And it’s an issue that is only recently is coming to light.

Because so many conferences and large-scale events have been cancelled because of COVID-19, many companies are reconsidering the expense, logistics, and need to hold such gatherings. My husband, a computer programmer, heard that Red Hat, a Linux software company, will be holding their yearly conference virtually.

They will video lectures and presentations that can be watched live or seen later on the Internet at the attendee’s convenience. Think of it. A person can watch all the presentations offered by the company without picking and choosing which ones they are able to see because of scheduling conflicts. The attendee saves thousands of dollars on conference entrance fees, travel, hotel, and meal expenses, and also avoids any weird stuff that can happen to people whenever they travel to a strange location. Companies will save thousands or millions on the costs of renting the venues, dealing with hotels for discounted rooms, scheduling speakers and paying them, etc. etc. etc.

During the past six to eight weeks, upper management executives have been forced to telecommute. Many of them have already seen the savings they and their employees can have by not driving to work, eating lunches out, and buying clothes appropriate to the job. It’s like getting a fat pay raise without breaking the company.

Production is up and keeping tabs on their employees hasn’t been the scary proposition that they feared in the past. When faced with the logistics and expense of organizing the yearly convention, they will again turn to their newly acquired skills in using technology to meet and teach all their clients and stakeholders instead of trying to lure them all to a single location to catch whichever speakers they can.

So, in considering the building of this events center in Tahoe, I just want to point out to voters that this building will be rendered obsolete before the ground is even broken. Do Douglas County voters and business interests really want to waste their money on a dinosaur project like this?

Sue Cauhape


Commissioners should listen to all perspectives


Mr. Nowosad and Mr. Gardner have already made up their minds regarding some very key issues for the county without hearing the evidence, either pro or con. They’re already making promises for things that may get them votes, but does not represent the entire county but rather only their select group. I believe commissioners should listen and make their minds up based on the information that is brought before them, not to just get votes. These two have shown that their minds are already made up. Not good for Douglas County.

As for Mr. Nelson, I want a Commissioner who will be truthful and honest and not be a bully when called out on a code violation. I filed a complaint against Mr. Nelson and his wife, Jeanne Shizuru, for violating the County Code on a residential issue in his district. Yes, he should have known better, but what does Mr. Nelson and his wife do, they try to intimidate me for filing the complaint, (which turned out to be valid and with merit). Mr. Nelson also tried to intimidate Douglas County staff to make the complaint go away, but it didn’t work. Mr. Nelson knew better, but he tried to use his position to make the complaint go away. That is just plain wrong and unethical in my opinion. The code violation is of public record. Dave Nelson has done nothing in the four years he has been on the commission and it is time to replace him.

Please take the time to research the candidates who are running for County Commission. I have. Walsh, Tolbert and Tarkanian will protect the County. I know each of them personally, and I have no doubt they will preserve our natural heritage and open space that we all have come to enjoy here in beautiful Douglas County. As for the other three candidates, they have shown their true colors, just look at their campaigns and who is running them. They claim they will stop runaway growth and not raise our taxes. The fact is we don’t have runaway growth as our population has grown by only 160 people each year from 2008 through 2018. Also we already have an ordinance in place to protect the County against out of control growth. As for taxes, there have been no increases in property taxes except as those already permitted under the code. Don’t believe the lie that the taxes paid by the residents in the Carson Valley are being used to pay for the new events center at Stateline recently approved by the BOCC and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. So shame on Mr. Nelson and his wife for lying to those who signed their petition against the events center.

Is that the kind of representation the residents of Douglas County want? No. I’m voting for Walsh, Tolbert and Tarkanian. Please join me so we can protect Douglas County.

Steve Thaler


Editor’s Note: Larry Walsh’s campaign has removed the logo from his Web site and the firm managing his campaign has issued a public apology for its use.

Leopard does not change spots


Larry Walsh’s stolen valor is a travesty. On April 2, The Record-Courier published my letter to the editor in which I asserted that the “gut issue with Walsh’s campaign is integrity.” I hoped, as have many others, that he would indulge in some self-introspection and rectify the rhetoric of his campaign promises. The April 23 edition of The Record-Courier is evidence that hope was ill-founded. A leopard does not change its spots, a zebra is stuck with its stripes.

Walsh claims to be a Vietnam veteran. He is not. Giving him due credit, he served his country as a sergeant in the finance section at Fort Lewis, Washington. But the criteria that define whether an individual served in Vietnam, whether an individual is a Vietnam veteran, are clear, absolutely unambiguous. Walsh does not meet those criteria.

We might forgive Walsh for making an honest mistake. But he does not seem to find it in his character to admit he is wrong when people have illuminated the facts. Instead, he persists in his self-aggrandizing rhetoric, ostensibly hoping that this one accolade, contrived or not, might tip the scales in his favor, help him win re-election. This persistence should not come as a surprise to us.

As a Commissioner he has repeatedly shown indifference to the facts, to public opinion and instead has been member of the infamous BOCC Troika that consistently has voted in favor of the developers and special interest groups.

I served in Vietnam as a forward air controller. During about 11 months I flew 297 combat missions and 804 hours of combat time in the O-1E. My roommate and the guy next door, two fellow FACs, were shot down and killed in action. As one of many of us in the County who served in the Vietnam combat zone, who are truly Vietnam veterans, Walsh’s disingenuous rhetoric is nauseating. I find his behavior repulsive, unworthy of a Douglas County Commissioner. Apparently, Walsh is willing to emulate Doctor Faustus, the legendary figure who sold his soul to the Devil, to get re-elected.

DeVere Henderson

East Valley

Let’s not fight Vietnam again


When are we ever going to stop fighting Vietnam? Here we go again, people who were never there or evaded the draft, or never served, are questioning the service a veteran.

Many were called, few actually served their country. Now we have a well-meaning citizen who never served questioning the service of a veteran of the Vietnam era. Is that honorable? No, Is that necessary? No. Will that advance his campaign for commissioner? No.

This is a common tactic. But it seems like the complainers want to take their eyes off the future and live in past. Ask Commissioner Walsh what his plan is to get us into recovery, then ask his opponent and compare the two. Compare Walsh’s leadership credentials to his opponents, Those are fair questions. But let us not fight Vietnam again. It seems patently unfair for an opponent to who never served to even question the service any veteran especially the service of Walsh as a campaign tactic.

I’d challenge their campaign to discuss issues based on facts that Douglas County residents are interested in. Get out of the past, tell Douglas County what you will do, stop saying no and turn you campaign in to a positive move forward for Douglas County – if you can.

Barry Penzel


Slade on slates


It’s no secret that there are essentially two competing “slates” for the three County Commissioner seats. One need only look at the placement of campaign signs scattered around the county. Pretty much everywhere you see a sign for Larry Walsh, there are also signs for Tarkanian and Tolbert. You often see signs for Nelson grouped with those for Gardner and Nowosad. These groupings represent different approaches to governing the county.

Four years ago, I endorsed Larry Walsh for Commissioner, in large part due to his promise to adhere to the letter and intent of the Master Plan. I can no longer support him, however, since I feel that he reneged on that promise. He has repeatedly sided with special interests, especially developers and the gaming industry, contrary to the public benefit. Example one was his support for the 2,500 homes on Park Ranch property, on agricultural land that was outside the town boundaries, and which will undoubtedly worsen traffic and overall congestion. Example two was his support for $34.25 million in public funding for a large portion of the Stateline Event Center, which will primarily benefit the casinos, yet for which the casinos are contributing no money, despite their total win for the first two months of 2020 of $37 million.

The first 2020 required “Contributions and Expenses Reports” for all candidates came out in mid-April. Walsh’s top four contributors, which accounted for more than 60 percent of his contributions, were three developers and a construction company. Three of the four largest of Tolbert’s contributors were two of the same developers and the same construction company. Tarkanian only shows a total of $700 in contributions, including one of $500 from someone in Las Vegas. Apparently, he doesn’t have any connections here in Douglas County yet, but somehow paid for all those expensive signs of his plastered all over the county.

Candidates Nelson, Gardner and Nowosad, on the other hand, have almost all of their contributions from local individuals. They have all stated that they opposed the use of taxpayer money to fund the Event Center, and that they believe that growth should be done in a responsible manner: the right projects, in the right places, at the right time. They all opposed the Master Plan Amendment that allowed the 2,500 homes on the Park Ranch property as inappropriate, and too much, too soon. They pointed out that over 4,000 homes in already-approved developments had yet to be built. That number, with the subsequent approvals of Commissioners Walsh, Penzel and Rice, has now grown to over 7,000, yet they keep approving more.

Vote for Nelson, Gardner and Nowosad, who will stand up for all citizens, and do what’s best to try to retain our rural character and quality of life. Walsh, Tolbert and Tarkanian are too entrenched with special interests, and are too likely to keep approving every development that comes along.

Jim Slade


It is always about balance


As a 16-year homeowner in Douglas County I am compelled to answer Joe Ruisi’s April 23 letter. His letter reflects the misinformation the Good Governance Group candidates (Nelson, Gardner and Nowosad) and others continue to espouse to our community. Mislead, no growth, complain with no solutions, keep Douglas County as it was in 1950.

“Commission just bet your tax dollars on RDA2”. Wrong/Misleading. RDA2 only uses tax dollars from Stateline Casinos, Edgewood and Beach Condo properties. Everyone else’s taxes go to DC. County has no liability with TDVA Event Center.

Walsh sign on St. Gall property ”is not legally permitted”. False. Church ok’d it on their property. Also the sign was not on a State Hwy. right of away, which would have been illegal. The sign was moved to a more visible location. FYI, FACT: GGG candidates Nelson-Gardner placed signs at Centerville and Dresslerville without permission and they had to be removed.

“Establishment’s hand-picked slate of commissioners”. False. Walsh, Tarkanian and Tolbert are part of the Republican Party, raising their own funds while pursuing office.

“Wealthy casino corridor”. False/Misleading at best. Casinos are closed like most businesses and bleeding money. Not wealthy anymore. Lakeside Inn is gone. Eldorado Resorts is buying Caesar’s including MontBleu, Harrah’s and Harvey’s in a major merger/consolidation. MontBleu was just sold by Eldorado at a significant discount. Gambling revenues are in the tank. How are we going to replace that tax revenue to Douglas County today and tomorrow Mr. Ruisi?

“(Walsh) Voted for practically every building project”. False/Misleading Walsh rejected the original Sierra Ranchos, Brandon Hill and Park Klauber Ranch projects plus several others. The first two were finally approved after reducing their density.

“Clog our streets with projects”. Misleading/Speculative. Our traffic problems are pre-Walsh, and poorly addressed by County planners. Per traffic studies, the completion of Muller Parkway would help alleviate congestion. We need to reduce the heavy traffic on Highway 395 through Gardnerville/Minden.

As a past business owner I know we cannot return to Gardnerville 1950. We must balance preservation of our rural values with needed economic growth. We are growing residentially as well as commercially (Evolution car wash, Chase bank, Just Tires, Human Bean, etc.). People want to live in our beautiful valley and need goods and services. Hard decisions must be made after careful consideration of facts and their economic reality. No growth, no solutions as expressed by Nelson, Gardner and Nowosad is not acceptable or rational. The “Slow Growth Initiative” passed by DC voters years ago allows 2% annual growth. DC has been averaging 1 percent. That is sane common sense growth, not “No growth and no solutions”.

Voter, the devil is always in the details. Search out facts. Be informed. Remember it is always about balance.

Peter Engle


Where does Tarkanian stand?


Danny Tarkanian, son of Jerry Tarkanian, legendary coach of the Runnin’ Rebels, and husband of Amy Tarkanian, former State Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party, has a history of failed campaigns. He has recently relocated from the Las Vegas area to Gardnerville. He has stated,”My family and I moved to Douglas County because it reminded us of Clark County 45 years ago.” He has also talked about preserving “the qualities and way of life we all expect and deserve in Douglas County.”

Now Danny has filed to run for Douglas County Commissioner and is opposing current Commissioner Dave Nelson, who got elected based on his desire to limit the growth which Tarkanian has stated as the reason he left Las Vegas. Danny’s campaign is focused on “preserving the region’s values, creating opportunities residents actually want.” I believe Nelson was elected by a majority of the voters of Douglas County who were in agreement with his desires to limit growth.

I believe the truth is shown in the fact Tarkanian is supported by the Parks Ranch Holdings group. These are the people that support the sale of public lands to get funds to pay them for not developing their property. These are the people that would like to add 2,500 new residents and use Douglas County funds to assist in the development.

Do the Parks Ranch Holdings people expect to utilize the Tarkanian name to garner votes?

Sanford Deyo


Group is anti-business


Kudos to Brandon Hill for his letter in the April 23 issue of the Record Courier. He made many valid, truthful and honest remarks. One point in particular that was mentioned is the fact that candidates Nelson, Gardner and Nowosad “relocated here from California and found a home, but now they have to shut the door behind them”. The same can be said for Joe Ruisi, who also had a letter in the 4/23 RC issue criticizing County Commission Vice Chairman Larry Walsh and Commissioner Candidates Danny Tarkanian and Nathan Tolbert. Ruisi is part of the Good Government Group (GGG), and he supports their candidates (Nelson, Gardner and Nowosad). Ruisi moved here from Southern California several years ago and bought a distressed house in a new Gardnerville upscale development. He will undoubtedly gain a substantial profit when he sells. He is, therefore, hypocritical in that he supports candidates who will likely vote NO on any new developments, even if the development meets all the requirements. Good for Ruisi but not good for others that want to move here in the future. As an example, sitting Commissioners Nelson and Engels recently voted NO on the Sierra Ranchos project on Tillman Road for no good reason, despite the fact that all zoning and planning requirements were met. Thankfully, other commissioners, including Larry Walsh voted YES, or else Douglas County may have been hit with a lawsuit.

The opposition GGG candidates are anti-business, as witnessed by their stance on RDA2; yet, they offer no viable alternatives. Nelson, Gardner and Nowosad want no change and no growth. That stance will definitely lead to higher taxes. Please consider Walsh, Tarkanian and Tolbert to protect our rural community by promoting smart growth and a vibrant mix of business and industry.

I just learned that Walsh received the endorsement of the Douglas County Carson City Farm Bureau as well as the Douglas County Sheriff’s Protective Association. This is further evidence of the outstanding job he has been doing on the County Commission and will continue to do once re-elected.

Tom Zogorski


Now is not the time for cats


Thanks to Davelyn Miyashiro for her excellent, cogent and well-resourced article re., potential new cats living in the Minden Library.

As a regular library visitor and user who enjoyed Baker and Taylor, the library cats, when moving here 30 years ago, it was positive then, but that is the past.

Today’s higher and increasing incidence of mild to severe cat allergies and asthma rules out cats living in our library with the large number of adults and children who go there.

When the county reopens for business, I request the Library Board at its next meeting agendize the cat issue and give it full attention, study and discuss the new medical facts and vote to reject the introduction of cats in the library.

Our library is very popular and the staff does a terrific job … now is not the time for cats,

Victoria J Roberts


Don’t halt NEPA enforcement


It is unwise for former coal lobbyist EPA Director Andrew Wheeler to halt enforcement of NEPA, Clean Air and Water Acts, toxic substances and other ecosystem and health protecting laws. He claims this is done because of the COVID-19 flu epidemic, yet this will exacerbate the health of all Americans, to say nothing of the suffering, death and ecological disruption it will cause to plants and animals. Even for the nature-disregarding Trump administration, this is unusually perverse and displays a “devil-may-care” attitude that, to any sane person aware of the essential importance of nature, must cause revulsion.

As an ecologist, I have spent most of my life learning about and trying to get people to better respect the Great Rest of Life, without which our human species would not survive. “Biting the hand that feeds us” epitomizes smug disrespect and short-sightedness, yet so many people seem to have adopted this attitude today. I fail to grasp how any sane person would ignore the amazing species and wonderful conscious beings that share our world and deny the need for a benign relation to them.

Our present lifestyles require serious modification if the living planet Earth is to continue in any form worthy inhabiting. To heal our planet’s ecosystem, we must allow the various species present here to reestablish their own harmonious interrelationships. We must appreciate all the millions of years it has taken to establish this precious life community and admit responsibility for past transgressions against this then sincerely correct these. And Global Warming is something everyone should be utmostly striving to reverse by decreasing pollution, restoring natural ecosystems and limiting our species’ exponential growth. We must make sacrifice of backward traditions and habits that gravely threaten life today and recognize the link between ecosystem health and human health and well-being – and this certainly relates to the COVID-19 pandemic today.

Craig Downer

Wildlife Ecologist Andean Tapir Fund


Things getting a little more normal


The residents of Gardnerville and Minden are feeling a relief as shoppers at our grocery stores report that things are beginning to slowly return to normal. Over the last month, an ordinary trip to purchase groceries has become a Nightmare. The anxiety and fear, caused by the COVID-19 Flu Pandemic Shutdown, has totally changed everyone’s shopping habits. Add to this a disruption in the supply chain to re-stock grocery stores, and you have the makings for total chaos. In ordinary times, customers purchase groceries for a period of 3 to 4 days. During this shutdown, hoarding has acquired a whole new meaning. A shopping cart filled over the brim is the new normal.

Mike Mazza is the manager of the Raley’s Grocery Store in Gardnerville. He’s been the manager since 2013. His staff and his hundreds of loyal customers totally like the guy. He’s solid, with straight answers to all questions, and a low key, pleasing personality. Ask any of his staff and to a person, they’ll say, “He’s the best manager I’ve ever worked for.”All of this, combined with his 4 decades of experience in the grocery business, has been a godsend. Many know Mike for his generous donations of food and other grocery items to the Food Closet, and virtually any organization that is engaged in charity work in our community. He’s one of the CV Kiwanis Club’s most popular members. His annual Wine Tasting Event nets close to $15,000 for the Club. At a time when anxiety rules, tempers are flared, and a calm professionalism is in demand, Mazza has delivered in a big-time way. We are lucky to have him.

Our community has never experienced anything quite like the current time. Who would have thought that an ordinary trip to the grocery store could be filled with such anxiety? The time calls for certain people to step up. If you think about it, many know that the staff at the Raley’s Market in Gardnerville, and Mazza, would be some of the first ones to step to the front and center, standing tall. Thank you from our community. What could be better?

Joe Hooven


Thank you for meals


One night a week for the past three weeks, we have received a knock on our door and found a deputy sheriff standing there with a container containing dinner enough for both my sister and me for two nights from CVI. I am so humbled and grateful to CVI and our Sheriff’s office for taking such great care of this communities Seniors. Thank you does not even begin to express enough for your generosity and compassion in these times. We live in a great community. Thank you so very much.

Eileen Decker


Appreciated more than ever


When a police car pulls up to someone’s home in our neighborhood it gets attention. A few days ago, a cruiser rolled up two houses down from where we were visiting on our friends’ driveway.

Out came two of Douglas County’s finest, Deputy Theresa Duffy and Sergeant Bernadette Smith, masked, gloved, and carrying meals for folks stuck in their homes. The meals were made and pre-packaged by Carson Valley Inn, a great local business that’s been hammered by the shutdown like so many in Douglas. Our understanding is that meal delivery is just one part of the Caring Neighbors program that has been organized by Sergeant Smith.

We want to thank Deputy Duffy and Sergeant Smith who, even taking all precautions, are by necessity operating at less than social distancing to take care of an at-risk segment of our population. As it turns out they had one meal extra, which we happily delivered to a shut-in widow we are acquainted with. She was very happy and surprised to be a beneficiary of this program.

We want to salute the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department leadership for supporting this great community outreach. It’s particularly appreciated because right now first responders are under a lot of pressure. They’re on the front lines at risk of exposure and working stepped up patrols to protect the businesses that are currently closed, not to mention all their regular duties.

If you should run into any of our sheriff’s deputies, please let them know that in these uncertain times they’re appreciated now more than ever.

Lynn and Jan Muzzy


Thanks for helping Austin’s House


The annual Denim & Diamonds fundraiser for Austin’s House was held on Feb. 27 at Casino Fandango’s Grand Ballroom. The night began with guests enjoying cocktails and browsing the numerous auction items that were donated for the event. A buffet dinner followed with an amazing assortment of desert selections.

Austin’s House Executive Director, Marla Morris, provided a snapshot of milestones reached in the past year and recognition of the Austin’s House staff for their time and dedication.

Patty Clark, representing the Austin Kirby Foundation, expressed her thanks to the community for their support and presented Austin’s House with a check for $50,000. This was the accumulated result of the foundation’s year-long fundraising efforts.

On behalf of the kids, staff, and board of directors, I would like to thank our fabulous sponsors: The Austin Kirby Foundation, Baker Hughes, Carson City Toyota, Krissy & Richard Gianforte, Wendy Wood & Gary Spohr, SkyFiber Internet, Vail Resorts, Waste Management, and Patten Consulting. We also attribute the success of the evening to the many businesses and individuals who donated goods and services for the raffles and auctions. You can see the complete list on our website page for Denim & Diamonds 2020.

Thank you for helping Austin’s House continue its mission of helping children in need. For morinformation, visit our website at AustinsHouseNV.org.

Diane Ortenzio-Cooling

Austin’s House Board of Directors

Overcrowding real problem


How is it that the leftist media is trying to turn the Wuhan virus into a race issue? They are making the most outrageous claims that somehow, our democratic republic and of course the evil Trump administration is responsible that the pandemic has affected minorities, especially blacks, to a higher degree than the hated white people.

The answer is very simple, and has been known among research scientists for many decades.

Overcrowding, plain and very simple. The fact is that minorities tend to live in crowded conditions. There are many socio-economic reasons for that, which are not any ones fault. Look at the hotspots, all overcrowded.

It is a known fact that many minorities have chosen these conditions: many more children than they can support, multiple generations living under 1 roof.

These are cultural and religious choices that many people don’t realize that they have made until it gets out of control.

I have always been in favor of birth control, and very limited abortions. There is no logical reason in this modern world to have an excessive number of children, unless you have a family farm or business. Hopefully, if you are successful, you can feed and educate those children.

My parents were successful, but chose to have 2 children. My 1st wife and I chose to have 2 children. My beloved 2nd wife and I chose not to have children.

Some folks see this as a crime against nature. I think overpopulation is a bigger crime against nature.

Most folks probably don’t remember the “Zero Popper” movement in the ’60s and ’70s. The concept was, 2 kids to replace the parents. I remember it very well, and always took it to heart. It was an integral part of environmentalism back then, before the movement got taken over by extremist lunatics.

The leftist media continue trying to turn us against each other based on race, class, anything they can think of to divide and conquer. They are constantly trying to stir up chaos between Trump and his medical team of experts. Even Dr Fauci, an Obama appointee, is tired of it. He has chided the media for asking divisive questions, and said many times that he and Trump are working well together.

But they won’t stop. They are trying to blame this pandemic on Trump and his team somehow, in spite of the Chinese government lying, aided and abetted by the corrupt chairman of WHO. The Democrats and their lackey’s in the leftist media are very happy that the Trump economy has hit a major speed bump. They have nothing else. They are already talking about more Congressional investigations, to show that Trump was at fault for anything they can think of.

I watch Fox news and business for fair and balanced reporting. I see all the medical experts, Gov. Cuomo, several doctor’s advice from the CDC, etc. I also see uplifting messages of hope, and people working together as Americans to fight this pandemic. The leftist media are busy criticizing, sowing hate and discontent at every opportunity.

It’s time for us all to wake up and reject the hatred of the left, and work together to beat this virus, as united Americans.

Mike Moreno


Questions about the shutdown


Gov. Sisolak, what is your systematic plan for re-opening Nevada’s economy? Indefinite closure isn’t a viable one. You are wrecking Nevada’s future for everyone. Millions of Nevadan’s are not working, and hurting. Just look where I live. Douglas County. One major gaming property has permanently closed, and the other four are indefinitely closed. What are our residents supposed to do? And honestly, most of these hospitality employees are residents of California in South Lake Tahoe. You are partly responsible for this bi-state issue. Californians are hurting too. In one of your recent briefings, you callously commented about forgoing haircuts. What about Nevadans (and also Californians) wondering about how they are going to pay their rent, or their mortgage, other bills, and even sadly, put food on the table? When Nevada’s economy is almost 100 percent shut down. Are you currently forgoing your paycheck? Which political leaders in Nevada should be as well? I encourage you to visit South Lake Tahoe ASAP. I’m happy to be your knowledgeable guide, and introduce you to a few interesting locals, that share our special history. My family has resided in Douglas County/South Lake Tahoe for decades.

Scott Kjar Rahbeck


A modern day fable


Recently, a story from my college days in the 1950s mysteriously(?) popped into my head; it went something like this: “A man pulled his car over to the side of a busy highway and opened the door which, along with his arm was immediately torn off by another vehicle. When the medics arrived, he could be heard crying, ‘my Rolex, my Rolex.’”. Now, scroll ahead 60 plus years and imagine President Trump screaming, “My economy, my economy” after being briefed on the deadly ravages of the coronavirus.

John O’Neill


Complain for change


I tried a few times on different days to call the governor’s office at 775-684-5670 and after a lengthy recording was told the voicemail box was full, but if I pressed a number, I would get the operator. Well, I pressed it, but a recording said that number did NOT work.

If the governor does not want to hear complaints, what better way than to make his phone useless. (Some people don’t have computers, or like to phone instead.) Frustrated I went online and e mailed my complaint that he should lift lockdowns for non-essential businesses and elective surgeries. Email http://gov.nv.gov/comment/comment and you can complain to the Las Vegas governor office unless they have malfunctioned their phone since I left a message: 702-486-2500.

The more people complain, the more things can change. Remember, casinos not to donate money to the governor if you do not like being closed indefinitely.

Debbie Cutshaw