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Spirit of friendship

As the Christmas Spirit once more envelopes this land, finding the people of Carson Valley imbued with that feeling of “Peace on Earth, Good Will To Men,” The Record-Courier would be ungrateful, indeed, not to make acknowledgement of its appreciation for the splendid support according it during this year just closing. The business people of the county have been generous in their patronage, for which we are very grateful.

We all carry about within us and as a very vital part of what we have and are, a great many things that other people have contributed. Every person is a composite of his friends. This paper is a composite of its friends.

At this Christmas time the publisher of this paper looks back over the year and realizes how much this paper has been made by other people. They, in reality, have been this paper. Your are part of its composite. Each issue of this paper is a reflection of this community. Without your friendly cooperation and encouragement, without your good suggestions, without your warm appreciation of our efforts, this paper could not be.

So we feel close to you at this time. We want now, at this Christmas time, to reflect back to you, even though weakly, some part of the appreciation you have given to us through the year. For we believe appreciation is the salt that savors the work of the world, and keeps it from going sad and stale. Also this is a time of life-reviewing and love-getting and ideal-resolving. We have made mistakes; but we did not plan them out. They just came. So it comes that we resolve to do bigger and better things for the year to come.

You have helped us, for which we are thankful. In return, we are hoping that this coming year we may be more of a contribution to that composite which is you.

Bert Selkirk, Dec. 22, 1916