South County couple celebrates 65th anniversary |

South County couple celebrates 65th anniversary

by Kurt Hildebrand

George and Patricia Flesner first met in the fourth grade in Long Beach, Calif. She was from Colton and he was born on an orange ranch in Anaheim, before Walt Disney decided to plant his flag there.

They both graduated from Jordan High School with the class of 1942. George enlisted at 18 in the Army Air Corps while Patricia Smith went to work at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, and for four years they served their country.

George served in the control tower with the Eighth Air Force talking to P-51 Mustang pilots.

“I served three years, six weeks and four days,” George said, “But who’s counting?”

Patricia worked in the office of the receiving center where inductees came through on their way to basic training.

The war would be over for a year before their first date.

George said he was washing his car at his sister’s place when he saw Patricia walk around a corner.

He thought he recognized her and his sister confirmed it was the girl from his class, but said she was engaged to a sailor.

Three days later George’s sister called him and said the engagement was off. Their first date was Sept. 4, 1946. The courtship lasted through the fall and on Jan. 10, 1947, they were wed.

They continued to live in Southern California and raised three daughters, until George took early retirement in 1986.

“I had to get out of Southern California,” he said. “We vacationed on the east side of California because I liked to fish in the Sierra.”

They started their search for a retirement home in Bishop and worked their way north, then hopped up to Reno.

“But it was growing too fast, so we looked at Carson, but it was growing pretty fast, too,” George said. “We ended up in Gardnerville, but we couldn’t find a house we liked.”

They finally settled on Topaz Ranch Estates. They purchased a new doublewide mobile home and set it on a piece of property, and have been there ever since.

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