Some things left to do |

Some things left to do

We’ve never particularly been fans of Douglas County’s northern redevelopment district.

Cooked up in the days when it looked like the state was going to stop subsidizing counties that weren’t raising enough sales tax, it seemed like a good way to keep sales tax dollars in the county.

While never quite raising enough money to make Douglas County self-sufficient, it dried up retail in Minden and Gardnerville by enticing shops to move north.

The redevelopment district did bring new retail shopping closer to Carson Valley, turning what was sagebrush into jobs and property tax revenue.

We know people look at the Genoa to Walley’s trail as a boondoggle, but at the time officials faced the possibility of having the Legislature rake that money into the general fund.

That $2 million was the largest non-disaster spending on Carson Valley’s biggest tourist attraction. Genoa’s Candy Dance raises that much in under a decade, money county taxpayers don’t have to spend to support Nevada’s oldest town.

There are still a couple of tasks left for that redevelopment district before it rides into the sunset. Subsidizing the North Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant seems like a practical use for redevelopment money that will benefit Johnson Lane residents. One last thing we’d like to see done is the completion of Vista Grande between Jacks Valley Road and Topsy Way.

But we agree there isn’t a need to keep the district going for the entire 12 years it has left.