Some immigration necessary |

Some immigration necessary


There is key question in the immigration overhaul debate that is not being asked. What is the purpose of immigration? We need to address the issue of why we allow people from other countries into the United States. I believe first and foremost,it is to ensure the perpetuation of our dynamic and exceptional way of life. The numbers seem to indicate that our birthrate (illegals included) does not appear to be sufficient for us to sustain the type and size of growth necessary to continue an economic expansion matching our historical norm.

Please set aside the question of border security for a moment as that is a separate component of the larger discussion. Focus, for now, on how we choose individuals for admittance. Currently, it is done in part by need and in part by familial relations and also by the misapplication of the 14th amendment. The emotions of the issue must be set aside while we zero in on the only thing that truly matters; making this nation better and stronger. To do this we must think like the capitalists we claim we are and sometimes pretend to be.

An example most folks will understand is that of the NFL. Every team (oh, there may be an exception or two) strives to put itself in a position to win each game. Any given Sunday, right? In order for that to happen the decision makers of every franchise are looking to pick the best possible players for their respective organizations during each yearly draft. I would encourage our government to mimic the strategies and tactics of the most successful of the teams.

No player is drafted into the NFL just because his brother or cousin is in the league. It is all about skill set, performance, work ethic and the demonstrated ability of the individual to effectively contribute in a team environment. Think of how exciting it would be if America held a “draft” each year. Think of the advantages we would see as potential entrants into our nation were forced to demonstrate why they should be chosen. Some years the draft might emphasize the need for engineers. Other years our need might be mathematicians. Certainly, we would not be drafting landscapers or taxi drivers. Rest assured, however, those slots would quickly be filled by those with a pressing need to put food on the table. Entry level jobs would be had by those possessing entry level abilities, namely, the youth who are now habitually being shut out of the job market.

Competition brings out the best in peoples’ performance. Nations, too. There is no need for us to settle. There are plenty of second and third tier nations in the world. But there is only be one number one. We must continue to be that country. We need every first round draft pick we can lay hands on.

Marco Caldana