Smoke is the only news |

Smoke is the only news


Friday before Labor Day, The Record-Courier had a front page article stating how the back of one of our Judges car struck someone. Really? I been driving for 65 years and the back of my car has always followed the front of my car. It appears there was some prejudicial reporting on that article. Not just the facts.

Then the Sunday Nevada Appeal had a lesbian couple on the front page. Really? We are all practically dying of the smoke while our governor says nothing and that is the big news ? Another prejudiced article.

What has happened to our newspapers.

The main concern of most folks from Sparks to Topaz and especially our Valley is the smoke and fires. Not who is sleeping with who and why.

Can’t we leave our local officials out of the papers until there is a factual report on any accident.

I guess we all need to look for a different news source if we want to know what is going on in our area and the world.

God Bless the little souls who were lost in Syria… oh sorry that wasn’t in our newspapers was it? Or maybe you could find it buried deep in the paper. Very disappointing.

Dianne Humble