Smart meters unAmerican |

Smart meters unAmerican

Terry and Connie Thompson


As I understand it, the letter we received concerning conversion to your “smart meter,” (aka “standard” meter) program strikes me as pure extortion. Your lawyers and accountants triumphed over the “public” utilities commission. Congratulations.

Here’s how it works. First, we must pay for the dubious installation of a refurbished – but still “nonstandard” – analog meter for a “fee” of $52.44. Add to that a monthly “fee” of $8.72 to have the freshly installed meter read.

On top of all that, the “tariff” strikes a real blow at us seniors on a fixed (and limited) income. We currently have our energy bill averaged over a 12-month period per an agreement we have in place with NVEnergy at your invitation – gone if we don’t capitulate and have the new “standard” or “smart” meter conversion done.

Am I to assume that there will be no sudden realization that we’re being undercharged based on relatively instantaneous feedback of the new meter? Does that mean you haven’t been reading the meters lately and expect to “catch up” because our averaged monthly bill is suddenly discovered to be inadequate based on the effortless ability on NVEnergy’s part receiving electronic monitoring instantaneously? We may be older, but not stupid. The writing’s on the wall.

So, yeah. We’re now forced by the negative financial impact this would have on us. By any other name, financial extortion! The lawyers win again. Go ahead and install your smart meter. It’s still financial extortion – and, in my opinion, unAmerican – to treat citizens in this way.

I am a decorated combat veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces. We have two children, five grandchildren. My father, now 96, is a veteran of the 8th Army Air Force, vintage 1941-1946.