Simon says get one from the vault |

Simon says get one from the vault

Editor Kurt Hildebrand
Jay Aldrich

When I get an item about a former Douglas resident, I habitually do a little research, and sometimes that sparks a memory.

On Monday, I learned that former Tiger Daniel S. Judd joined the Allison MacKenzie Law Firm, my first thought was “Why? Are they coming apart?”

Then I searched for Daniel, Dan and Danny Judd to see when he graduated from Douglas High School.

And there he was smiling back at me from the front page of the June 9, 2006, edition. Judd was enjoying lunch cooked by retiring school lunch lady Betty Larrouy, and wearing a “Simon Says You Suck,” T-shirt.

The sophomoric slogan was apt, as Judd was a sophomore at the time.

I honestly didn’t realize what the shirt said until the next day when I was getting an earful from a mom, who felt running the photo was disrespectful. I wasn’t playing dumb when I said I didn’t realize what the shirt actually said, but then Community Editor Sharlene Irete walked over and in a voice the caller could clearly hear over the phone read the shirt aloud.

I’ve never received a pointed phone call about anything Clara Ritger did in print, but I did hear the Douglas High and Notre Dame graduate helped produce NBC News video on the July 20, 1969, moon landing.

Papa Phil Ritger said she had a great time digging through the archives to put the video together.

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