Shut your power off for Leap Day protest |

Shut your power off for Leap Day protest

Gim Hollister


It is time to make NV Energy responsive to its employees and ratepayers.

We are encouraged to join the Occupy Portland group, who with the support of Common Dreams and others, is holding its “Shut Down the Corporations” day. Please join us today by turning your power off at the main power switch.

NV Energy pays executives huge salaries and has the lowest customer satisfaction rate in the west, shrinking from best to last in six years, reported by J. D. Powers. NV Energy closed all of its customer service centers in Nevada.

It removed the maintenance crews from most of the rural areas; in case of emergency, the wait for repair may be many hours.

With the apparent help of the American Legislative Exchange Council, NV Energy persuaded the legislature to pass a law that makes we, the customers, pay for electricity we do not use.

Many retirement and employee health benefits and coverage were dropped.

It is charging the highest rates in the intermountain west. In addition, NV Energy is polluting the Moapa Indian reservation with coal ash and trying to get permits for adjacent public land to allow for their fallout.

Shut the Down Corporations is happening across the United States to counteract the efforts of ALEC.

Let’s stand against the corporations that are associated with ALEC, which promotes labor-suppression legislation, and the politicians who use ALEC’s agenda to create union-busting and anti-consumer laws, such as those passed in Wisconsin, Arizona and Ohio, and environmentally harmful legislation.