Showcase celebrates business |

Showcase celebrates business

The first Business Showcase was April 19, 2001, at the Douglas County Fairgrounds and featured 63 booths according to a special publication produced by The Record-Courier for the event.

Nearly every one of those booths was inhabited by a business, including two for The Record-Courier and two for the Reno Gazette-Journal, which were placed at a discreet distance across the room from one another.

Credit for cooking up the showcase went to Guy Botelho, who said he thought doing a trade show would be an excellent way to allow Carson Valley businesses to show their wares.

Thirteen showcases later, and despite the ravages of the Great Recession, the showcase continues to fill up with businesses and residents who want to find out what’s offered in Carson Valley.

Looking through the list of names across the first and 14th showcase, shows how Carson Valley has changed over the last decade.

Certainly, The Record-Courier will still be there. So will Carson Valley Medical Center and 1862 David Walley’s Hot Springs and Resort.

That first showcase was held in a different time than the one we inhabit now, but the admonition to shop locally is still the same. Keeping jobs in the Valley is more important now than it was in that spring of 2001. And having people working here means that chances are they’ll live here, pay taxes here, and participate in our sports, fundraisers, events and shows here.

In our opinion that’s the definition of prosperity, and events like the Business Showcase help remind us that we need to keep looking up.