Shouldn’t be president |

Shouldn’t be president


The Sept. 11 Benghazi, Libya, attack demonstrates Obama’s unwillingness to perform his most basic function as the President of the U.S. and commander-in-chief: to provide for the common defense. It displays a disregard to provide for the common defense, his lack of leadership and complete failure as a Commander-in-Chief when the U.S. Consulate (U.S. territory) was invaded.

I understand the consulate was initially attacked (an invasion of U.S. territory) late in the day with a subsequent follow-on assault seven hours later. Prior to the attack, the security standard was not followed, requests made prior were denied, and pleas for support after the attack yielded no response. Military assets were given orders to “stand down.” To me that signifies U.S. surrender to terrorists. Ty Woods ignored the “stand down” orders, rescued some, asked for assistance when his CIA compound nearby was pounded by mortars and died when no assistance was given.

Gen. Carter Ham, Commander, North Africa, a leader known to do the right thing, was retired early amidst speculation that he was relieved when ignoring “stand down” order. The only Pentagon response was a drone armed with a video that viewed the massacre in real time, while Obama saw fit to go to Las Vegas for a fundraising event. For two weeks, our citizens were told by administration officials that this was a “spontaneous demonstration.” Obama denied “thrice” that he didn’t know.

Together, my wife and I have 48 years as Army officers. We understand the concept of the “Fog of War,” the feeble excuse being offered by Obama. It means that in combat, you never have the full view of the battlefield; but a leader still makes an assessment on information available, responding to the threat. All evidence indicates the initial attack was perpetrated by a well-coordinated armed military force. The true force and capability of the U.S. could have been proven to the world through a military counterattack but for the failure of the Commander-in-Chief.

The three step plan to respond to these events proposed by the president: to investigate, make sure it doesn’t happen again and punish those responsible, sounds to me like a delay tactic until after the election. It does not reflect the characteristics of a true leader. A true leader takes responsibility with action, not words. A leader does not sacrifice subordinates (Secretary Clinton) for personal gain but is willing to stand up and be accountable. Ambassador Stevens, Ty Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith could be alive today but for the incompetent or intentional inaction of the current occupant of the White House.

Islamic terrorists are gaining ground in many countries, emboldened by the stature and indecisions of the current commander-in-chief.

Obama has demonstrated neither the ability nor willingness to protect American citizens from Islamic terrorists who are focused on the destruction of “infidels” and to provide for the common defense of the U.S.

Charles ‘Chuck’ Swanson

Indian Hills