Shizuru’s statements are puzzling |

Shizuru’s statements are puzzling

Tom Zogorski

Jeanne Shizuru’s statements in her paid advertisement on page 8 of the Oct. 26 edition of The R-C are very puzzling especially because she is the wife of Commissioner Dave Nelson, whose job it is to make happen the things she says can’t be done.

The Douglas County budget, which Nelson approved, does include money for the preliminary design of Muller Parkway, hence it is not “a road to nowhere.” Plus an initial design was presented by county staff at the master plan review meetings. The southern end of Muller, already built by developers, will allow residents east of U.S. Highway 395 to access Walmart, Smith’s and Raley’s, the main retail center, without traveling on U.S. 395. Similarly the north end of Muller is built and will allow eastern residents an alternate route to get to U.S. 395, to go to Carson/Reno, without going through downtown U.S. 395.

“We will not be awarded $25M federal build grant.” First, the Muller Parkway right of way has to be secured by the proposed Park development agreement to apply for the federal grant. Then, there is no better time than 2020 to get the BUILD grant because the Trump re-election team sees Nevada as a swing state that can be won in the 2020 election. Trump re-election committee will help Nevada in many ways. We need all five commissioners to work hard now interfacing with Nevada senators and representatives, Nevada Republican Party chief and the Department of Transportation to push for the $25 million federal BUILD grant. I believe it can be done. To date, neither Nelson nor Commissioner Engles has been helping in the effort to find a way to get the grant. It is their responsibility also!

After getting the federal grant all commissioners need to continue working hard with the state officials, and then I am sure that an NDOT $5M match grant can be obtained.

A detailed traffic study done by the county’s traffic consultant, of which Nelson is well aware, does conclude there will be improvement in traffic level of service. Where is Shizuru’s study as opposed to her conjecture? Also, Engels’ analysis of all possible building allocations available causing overwhelming traffic in the short term is incorrect at best and misleading at worst. Over the last eight years, the fact is that less than half of the building permits allowed by the 2% growth ordinance have been issued. Thus, real, demonstrated new housing growth is only 1% and determined by market conditions, not the number of vested, roll-over, or yearly building allocations. Population growth has only been 1.06% from 2014 to 2018 (master plan FAQs). The slow growth advocates should be very happy, but they continue to scare people with false statements of huge growth in the future. Douglas County will remain rural.

It has now been 14 years since the first of several subsequent efforts started to obtain the Muller right of way and build the Muller Parkway, which is a key element of the master plan. The Park development agreement is the best deal that can be made at the current time to get Muller Parkway built. Plus, two lawsuits by Park against the county will be dropped that Park might win thus causing the county a settlement.

The following is an excerpt from a recent Reno Gazette Journal article: “Currently, Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County are working with Sens. Catherine Cortez Masto and Jacky Rosen as well as Congressman Mark Amodei to forge an agreement on a federal bill that would serve as a strategic (controlled) growth plan for the next 30 years for the region.”

To assist our towns implement their joint Plan for Prosperity, it is high time for Douglas County and all five commissioners to act in concert in the best interest of the Carson Valley to fight for the federal BUILD grant just as the entities in Washoe County are doing for their county.

Tom Zogorski is a Gardnerville resident.