Sheriff works hard |

Sheriff works hard


Sheriff Ron Pierini and staff work very hard constantly to keep our community as free as possible from illegal drugs and drunk drivers, abusive persons, gangs and mentally and physically abusive persons. You know that if they let down their guard for a moment, there are people just waiting to invade our community with their negative situations. You see it all around us. Are we perfect? No! But without the personnel we now have, it could be much worse.

There are so many programs that personnel take part in and support. So many activities they are a part of and participate in that benefit our community and that means you and me.

Those who would oppose Sheriff Pierini have made such comments as not only becoming the new sheriff, but bringing in new staff. To me, that sounds like a dictator, not a person considerate or respectful of the present, hard-working staff. Another opponent suggested that age meant no value or less value. I grew up knowing that life experiences brought wisdom, patience, forgiveness and compassion. Young ones aspired to that. It was also implied Sheriff Pierini was not proactive. His proactive actions have meant we have some of the finest and newest equipment possible for any community, especially one our size. Can you imagine working for the department and feeling that you might have a new leader who thought less of you or felt your services were no longer needed? This kind of job requires close knit cooperation between personnel and departments so that situations can be brought to justice from A-Z. If we have that interim time when someone new has to come up to speed, makes drastic changes or feels there are those who just don’t measure up, we are just letting our defenses down to those scoundrels who are waiting for the weak link in the chain. It wouldn’t take long to change the complexion of our friendly community. The day we no longer feel safe could come quickly. So say “thank you” to Sheriff Pierini and his staff by voting him another four years.

Sheriff Pierini has stated this would be his last term. Why not give him another four years to continue keeping our community safe and secure. Look down the road four years to when we will be faced with a natural transition. Remember the negative comments from the now existing candidates and know that you don’t want a campaign that turns into a political scene, nor a dictatorial one. Candidates should be able to be confident enough in their own value, skills and experience without putting down others. Let’s keep our ears to the ground for someone like that in four years.

Sheriff Pierini has kept his department together during the worst of economic times and they are dedicated to him and our community. Even if some programs were in place when Sheriff Pierini came into office, he has certainly continued and maintained them for our safety and comfort. That carries a lot of value in my book.

Beverly Giannopulos