Sewer equality |

Sewer equality

Stuart Posselt


As Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

I have previously suggested to the board of commissioners the elements of a sewer availability fee and of a surcharge for lots served by sewer lift station – Douglas County Code 20.D.060 A.

I have twice requested that they instruct their staff to prepare the ordinances necessary to establish the availability fees for the vacant lots and the surcharges for those customers who are served by sewer lift stations.

I note that the board comments while discussing the new liquor board regulations and fees on July 5 from the dais included “how much are we going to ask the taxpayers to subsidize others,” “do not ask the public to subsidize industry,” “do not ask the general fund to subsidize bars,” and “somebody is paying for somebody else.”

The same objections to some subsidizing others holds true for the sewer utility customers subsidizing the speculators who own the vacant lots and the users who require special services – lift stations.

As Disney suggested, the current customers dream can come true if we have the courage to pursue them – our dream is having everybody pay the costs for their services without being subsidized by others.

I have again asked the board to direct their staff to prepare the necessary ordinances to establish an availability fee for the vacant subdivided commercial and residential lots and the appropriate surcharge for those customers who are being serviced by lift stations and to use that additional revenue to reduce the charges for the balance of the current customers.

Nothing has happened – not a peep.

Each and every sewer customer must contact the commissioners and ask them to act in their best interest of the county residents.

Perhaps we should just deduct $6.50 per month from our sewer fee?