Setting the speed tables for Minden |

Setting the speed tables for Minden

We’re not sure the installation of speed tables on Wildrose and Deseret were really what residents were looking for when they sought some way to dissuade traffic from their street.

But the new “traffic calming” devices may be the ticket for driving motorists back out to Main Street where residents believe they belong.

The issue in Minden is pretty straightforward. Wildrose and Deseret are the only residential streets that connect Minden and Gardnerville.

They provide an alternative for motorists who want to avoid trying to make a left turn onto Highway 395 from an uncontrolled intersection, but are not very good guests.

It doesn’t help that the speed limit goes from 15 to 25 mph when travelers transition from Gardnerville to Minden.

Residents make the case that Wildrose and Deseret are special. Neither has sidewalks, which means walkers must use the street posing an additional hazard to pedestrians. The streets are also both long and straight, encouraging some folks to put the hammer down as they head for points west.

Minden is doing a traffic study to determine the effectiveness of the speed tables, but a ride down Wildrose provides a pretty good picture of how well they work.

If they reduce the number of vehicles traveling down the street and the speed those vehicles travel, then they are a solution to the issue, if not a perfect one.

We wish people would treat every neighborhood like their own children were playing in the street, but that’s not realistic. We don’t know what the fate of the speed humps will be, but we hope that as word spreads it will increase motorists’ urge to use some other route.