Senior academy great |

Senior academy great


I had heard of the class and wanted to participate for several years. I was always working a job and the times conflicted. This year I was able to participate. Condensed from a 13-week class to a one-week class, it surpassed my expectations. I took it out of curiosity as to the internal workings of the sheriff’s office. I had an uncle who was a police officer and my father was a fireman. Those departments have always fascinated me. Then, too, I wondered how my tax dollars were being spent. I expected to learn something about the safety services to our community.

I must say, it was very enriching. I learned so much about how our Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and East Fork Fire & Paramedics District operate. Participating in this class would be very beneficial to every senior in our community. Not only will you learn the many services that are provided to our community, but the proficiency in spite of the relatively small staff and budget constraints. I have much respect for the men and women who put their lives on the line for each and every one of us on a daily basis. These dedicated persons are very knowledgeable in their position and several other positions as they interact with one another. But, what an eye opener! To see the cooperation of departments and individuals it takes to operate efficiently over such a vast area that encompasses Douglas County, is awesome and overwhelming. To know the hearts of these men and women as they perform their duties and beyond, is very comforting.

My respect for Sheriff Pierini, Chief Carlini and the persons under their commands, has grown by leaps and bounds. I would name the staff that talked to us, but would probably miss someone. This letter is to express my thanks and appreciation to these dedicated individuals and for the programs provided to myself, the youth and all citizens of our community. I salute you.

I am encouraging every senior in Douglas County to further educate themselves by registering for the 2011 Senior Law Enforcement Academy. You won’t be sorry. You’ll be delightfully surprised. Look for it in The Record-Courier or call the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency phone line. It’s just another perk of living in this wonderful community.

Beverly Giannopulos