Selling Chief Justice Roberts short? |

Selling Chief Justice Roberts short?

Rick Campbell


Pondering the recent Supreme Court decision on Obama Care, I couldn’t help but wonder about the motivation, reasoning and founding father insight the justices might have employed. There was never any doubt the more liberal justices were going to support the most progressive overreach of government power in recent history.

We all know the mission of that faction is all about building and growing governmental power over we subjects. We also know it has nothing to do with lowering the cost of health care, but might proffer providing coverage to blocks of voters, including illegals, etc.

Is it at all possible that Justice Roberts could see where applying the taxing powers of congress could flush out the true intent of increasing taxes on every single American taxpayer, to force the power mongers to face the music?

How many senators, for example, running for reelection, will be able to face their constituents and explain why they chose to raise their taxes?

How many will be able to survive, to serve again, if they have to admit they simply want to hose you once again, raise your taxes, spend more of your money, just to get the Hispanic vote, the uninsured poor vote, the union vote, just so they can stay in office?

I’d love to hear Harry Reid explain that one, too.

Roberts just might have seen this as a conduit to rid the Senate of more than a few bad apples, get the country back on tack and get us out of the mess that Obama, Pelosi, Dodd, Reid and good old Barney Frank got us into.

I think it highly possible that Roberts saw a deeper vision, one that could solve a dilemma that has us spiraling out of control, and headlong towards communism, socialism or some other form of government than the Republic our forefathers fought and died for. I truly hope that is the case.

The pseudo dictatorship of Barack Obama is leading us down a path no one wants, except those who don’t believe in a great America.

As an aside … will someone please explain to me why the AARP supports a law that explicitly calls for a half billion dollar reduction in Medicare?