Selection appears to favor attorneys |

Selection appears to favor attorneys

R-C Editorial Board

We were concerned enough that attorneys would have an advantage over the other applicants for East Fork Justice of the Peace before the county revealed its tentative application for the job.

We don’t necessarily have a problem with an attorney doing the job, but a law degree isn’t a requirement for justice of the peace in Douglas County and never has been.

But the application’s solicitation of qualifications specific to attorneys appears to tip the selection process in favor of one of the seven members of the bar to express interest.

We’re not surprised we haven’t heard protests from the other 28 applicants, some of whom we assume will not fill out the expanded applications. Who wants to be seen complaining about something when they’re applying for a job?

The application Douglas County borrowed from Clark County includes a special section for attorneys, because state law requires that justices of the peace in Nevada’s largest counties be attorneys.

That is not a requirement in Douglas County and we feel that portion of the application should be removed. There’s no reason attorneys can’t include their information in the same way that anyone else who is applying.

Douglas County commissioners should take the opportunity on Thursday to remove the section, and with it the appearance that any class of people is being favored for the job.

We believe that the best candidate should be selected as justice of the peace, regardless of whether that person happens to have a law degree.