Seeking Tribal Chairman office |

Seeking Tribal Chairman office


My name is Vernon Wyatt, a candidate for office as tribal chairman. My extensive experience in Washoe affairs has given me the unique opportunity to acquire first-hand knowledge of the needs and wants of the Wa She Shu. I was instrumental in bringing a voice to all off reservation members when I was selected as first off reservation council.

I am currently an active member of:

n Dresslerville Senior Site Council: That evolved into sitting on the Elder Abuse Prevention Committee. Protocol is ongoing and is presently being finalized and will be presented to the Washoe Tribal Council for their review and upon approval will be inserted in the law and order code. Our Elders will be better protected.

n Washoe Health Advisory Committee: Health care is one of the most basic services that must be provided for our people. When one’s health is in jeopardy, I personally find it unacceptable to be placed in either a priority 1 or 2 status.

n Personnel Committee: Although we only have advisory capacity I see it as a check and balance system.

I will continue to believe in and promote “train and retain” our tribal members in employment.

The past and present administrations seem to have lost sight of the employment needs of tribal members, that of being treated in a fair and impartial hiring process. This seems to me to be one of the definitions of self governance or at least an objective we must strive to attain.

We are currently at a crossroads in time. Do we continue to go as we are or vote for change? If I am elected, together we can and will progress into the 21st century as the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California.

Vernon Wyatt