See a penny, leaving it alone might be best |

See a penny, leaving it alone might be best

A 1916 penny has been embedded into the tile floor of the Douglas County Courthouse as part of efforts recognizing the building's centennial.
Douglas County |

The old saw says if you see a penny, pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck.

I would suggest that if the penny’s embedded in the floor of the Douglas County Courthouse, picking it up might earn you some trouble.

The tile in the building’s front hall is shinier, and there’s a 1916 penny installed in the hole.

Chief Deputy Assessor Frank Dressel, who has been birddogging work on the courthouse in honor of its centennial said Carson Valley Carpet Cleaning’s Mike Pailliotet spent last weekend detailing the floor and putting in the penny.

“It sounds like they still are planning on doing some more repair work on the cracks and missing grout, but the floor is looking a lot better,” Frank said.

Douglas County’s seat of government picked up and moved from Genoa to Minden on Jan. 1, 1916, after the 1915 Legislature required Douglas County to bond for $25,000.

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I learned that Mike Beam in Douglas County Alternative Sentencing is leaving for Washoe County’s office.

Formerly the chief of the department, Mike came back to Douglas to help out. A longtime resident of the Valley, he said he loves fieldwork. That’s something he’ll be able to do more of in Washoe County because they have a larger support staff.

His last day is Jan. 29. Debbie Beam works in the County Manager’s Office.

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The City of Reno announced that Genoa resident Dave Cochran is now the new fire chief.

Dave has lived in Genoa for around 20 years, and is descended from several generations in Nevada’s oldest town.

He served on the Genoa Volunteer Fire Department early on.

He also has a law degree, which gives him something to fall back on if the whole firefighter thing doesn’t work out.

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