Scolari’s will be missed |

Scolari’s will be missed


The powers that be have succeeded in taking care of me once again. I now have one less choice to the alternative of walking an insufferable distance from a parking lot to the innards of a cavernous store with 10 times more choices and variety of groceries than I need or care to peruse. I will no longer be able to speak and socialize with long time friends as they check me out or give me assistance. This is the price for perhaps the savings of a few shekels.

I extend my thanks to the grantors of permits, the profiteers and the mega-corporation of Benton, Ark., for showing such personal concern for the ordinary people of Carson Valley.

What a price we pay for so called progress.

In all seriousness, I shall truly miss the staff and pleasure of shopping at Scolari’s.

Ben Justus