Schools and voting in person |

Schools and voting in person

It’s always surprising to us how people can experience one thing and believe something else, entirely.

This week, Douglas County schools opened in what’s referred to as a hybrid model. There are children in school one day and at home distance learning the next in order to keep down crowding that might spread the coronavirus.

We also learned where the Douglas County Clerk-Treasurer’s Office has in-person voting for the Nov. 3 General Election.

We’ve been saying for a week or so that the general election won’t be conducted entirely by mail, but there are still folks in Carson Valley who’ve expressed concerns about the Postal Service.

While all active voters in the county will receive a ballot in the mail, just as they’ve received sample ballots for the past 50 years, residents will still be able to cast a ballot in person at a voting machine.

That means if you don’t get a ballot in the mail, or you don’t trust the Post Office, you will still be able to go to one of polling places and cast your vote.

Residents will also be able to drop off their ballots at the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office or at a polling place. We’ve heard the clerk is working on a way to have a mobile ballot drop-off location. By the way, if you choose to drop of your ballot, the county won’t have to pay for the postage.

We would be happy if things could go back the way they were before the coronavirus outbreak.

But the virus is quite real, failing to deal with that reality poses a danger to our most vulnerable residents.