School board tackles calendars |

School board tackles calendars

by staff

Parents of Carson Valley elementary school students will be watching Tuesday’s meeting of the school board with interest as trustees consider several crucial issues.

The most important concerns are adjusting multi-track, year-round calendars at Valley elementary schools and a proposed boundary change for the Pau-Wa-Lu and Carson Valley middle schools.

After extensive input from parents, teachers and other taxpayers, district staff is recommending that Gardnerville Elementary School be placed on a single-track calendar; Scarselli and C.C. Meneley elementary schools would follow in a few years.

The recommendation was welcomed by the Douglas County Professional Education Association, whose members have been advocating such a move almost since year-round, multi-track was implemented 10 years ago.

The DCPEA did its homework (as did school staff), providing annual survey results which concluded that year-round, multi-track has a negative effect on student learning, family life, social and professional development, staff morale and (last, but not least) education.

If the calendar changes are made, improvements of $1 million at the venerable Gardnerville Elementary School will have to wait, according to staff.

But teachers and others seem to be content with that direction, willing to forego the amenities for what they profess is a saner approach to teaching children.

Many believed that trustees would never back down on year-round, multi-track. A decision hasn’t been made for sure, so people who are interested in Tuesday’s outcomes would do well to attend the meeting at 3:30 p.m. at Carson Valley Middle School.