School best place for kids during day |

School best place for kids during day

Idle hands do the devil’s work, we’re told, and that’s why the issue of truancy is critical to the entire community, not just the schools and parents.

We’ve devoted a lot of space to discussing the issue with officials, teachers, law enforcement officers, and in today’s edition, even with students.

What we’ve learned over the past two weeks is that there are a lot of dedicated people working to prevent truancy.

But the most important lesson is that all this work is useless unless parents and students take responsibility for making sure the child is getting to school.

We can open the school buildings and pay teachers, but none of that counts if the people who need an education most aren’t there to take advantage of it.

Every nickel we spend on educating a child who isn’t there, and isn’t ready to learn, is a nickel wasted.

And while we disagree that the public schools are glorified day care centers, there is some benefit to having a majority of the community’s children under adult supervision for the better part of the day.

Getting our children to school and keeping them there is a great way to keep them out of trouble, and provide them with the opportunity to become valuable members of our society.