Schnock for East Fork Swimming Pool Board |

Schnock for East Fork Swimming Pool Board


Carl Schnock brings 30 years of finance experience, budgeting and analysis as well as spirited leadership to the East Fork Swimming Pool District. Having attended every board meeting this year as a nonboard member he was asked to draft the district’s first investment policy and implementation of the investment strategy that raised interest income from $3,700 to $32,000 on the $3 million this district has accumulated through the excessive ad valorem tax rate over the past 18 years that the previous and current board have perpetuated.

He was instrumental in returning $240,000 per year to the county to help contain taxes by urging the reduction of the tax rate from 0.1645 to 0.1300 which should still generate a $300,000 surplus to the pool district’s savings account. It’s time to put Carl Schnock on the board as chairman and put a professional in charge of the East Fork Pool District.

Larry Biehn