Savor each moment during the holiday season |

Savor each moment during the holiday season

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Another year is coming to a close . . . where has the time gone! Those that are still in school think a year takes forever to go by; but believe me, the older we get, the faster the clock ticks!

My wish for each and everyone is that you are able to find peace within yourself and savor each moment that fills your heart with joy!

We just returned from two weeks in Florida and North Carolina visiting relatives and friends that we don’t see often enough.

The best part of the whole trip was having all our children together in one place at the same time.

We started our trip in Jacksonville, Fla., staying with our oldest son in his first home, purchased last March, and meeting his girlfriend Ð too soon to know if she is “the one.”

We went to a small family reunion of my father’s side of the family because the annual one had been cancelled due to the hurricanes over Labor Day weekend.

It was so much fun to see five generations all talking and laughing at the same time!

We then went to Mt. Olive, N.C., to see my husband’s side of the family. Our youngest son had just returned from a deployment to the Middle East and was able to come down from Norfolk, Va.

He hasn’t changed a bit since his graduation from Douglas High School in 1999.

In fact, he was telling me he hasn’t gained any weight since completing boot camp almost five years ago.

I was able to assure him that I have plenty to share if he should ever need any!

He is going to be on shore duty for the next few years, I hope, so that he can complete his degree.

Our daughter wanted us to arrange this trip and go with her because she will be off to the Middle East in early January. I must admit that my first thoughts were how can we afford this since we are trying to complete this home remodel in order to be able to relax in our own home.

It didn’t take long to get excited once I knew that we would all be together for the first time in over three years!

There just aren’t enough gifts in all the stores to compare with hugs from your children! Losing our first child may have changed the way I view family ties, but I believe that memories are so much more important than tangible things! Take your time over this holiday season and make some memories of your own to enjoy when things get a little rough!

Have a Ramblin? Good Week!

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